Having a human experience doesn’t come without hurdles and, in one way or another, we are all in it together. Many of our diseases are stress-related responses from our body. Our emotions, our thoughts, the food/drinks we ingest, the environment we live in, are all things that can bring us into balance or, throw us right out of it.

There is a myriad of theories and therapies designed to restore the balance, allowing a smooth and natural energy flow. TCM, particularly in the form of acupuncture, is one of them. A very old practice with proved effectiveness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is, with its thousand years of existance, rooted in the idea that we are a reflection of Nature.

We are seen in our wholeness, within the context of everyday life. Our relationships, our emotions, way of thinking, work, (family) history, lifestyle, but also the nutrition and the seasons influence our well-being. In short, the balance between Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Well worth mentioning: The World Health Organization (WHO) is including a section on traditional Chinese medicine in its upcoming guide (2022) for diagnosing and classifying diseases.

Yin / Yang

Yin and Yang, in Q.Health’s logo presented in a more artistic form, is a notion we are all more or less familiar with in our Western world.

In the practice, Yin and Yang, together with other diagnostic forms, give us a model by which to differentiate the aethiology and pathology of the disease and consequently to formulate an appropriate treatment plan according to the individual symptom presentation of a given patient.

The aim is to harmonize Yin and Yang.



Energy (Qi) flows within our body through energy channels, in TCM called meridians. The meridians are connected to deeper structures such as the organs, tissues, and the brain. They provide the balance between Yin and Yang within the different organ systems and their associated functions.

By manipulating extremely thin needles in the meridian acupuncture points, the (phisycal and mental) energy flow can be restored. Though each treatment is tailored individually, for each one of us has different imbalances and related symptoms: migraine, IBS, shoulder pain, insomnia,… my primary concern is to restore the energy flow that will allow the body to correct itself.

In this Universal Intelligence present in each one of us I trust!

Auricular acupuncture

I use some ear points as complement of the body acupuncture.

For stopping smoking and to (general) unstress I use a selection of ear points that proved to be extremely effective in the treatment of addictions, known as the NADA protocol.

For drug or alcohol abuse I only perform this protocol in settings where there is a whole curriculum of other therapies designed to treat addiction.

Body Detox

Body Detox

Castor oil pack

Acupuncture + Castor Oil pack for detoxification of the liver, skin, etc.

Castor oil has several uses, one of which is the stimulation of important detoxification systems in the body, including the lymphatic system and liver.

Castor oil is also widely used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for its antibacterial properties.

The castor oil pack, along with acupuncture, can provide excellent weight loss support.


Cupping therapy helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and as a lymphatic drainage (it allows toxins to be released via the lymphatic system when massaging with the cups).

Think of neck/shoulder pain, work injury, the tension from repetitive mouvements (e.g. holding and/or striking an instrument), but also of cellulitis, acne, knee artritis, migraines, drainage of the congestion of addictive substances in the body, etc.

Cupping, a modern use of an ancient therapy!

About me

Walking with my father, the person who introduced me to alternative / complementaire Medicine, in a passionate way.

We all share the same primal fears but we have different coping mechanisms and we walk our paths in different ways. Hence the name “QUO” in my former enterprises, now as a “Q.” in Q.Health. An open end thus, for the path of my patients is not my place to say. What I do as acupuncturist could be pretty much summarized in this eloquent and humble quotation of one of my former teachers of psycho-social therapy: “I don’t follow your path, but I walk this bit with you”.

So, besides needling, cupping, and the use of poultices (castor oil for Liver detox, cayenne pepper for cold feet, etc.), I counsel. I bring emotional issues, food habits, and life style to discussion. I advise, knowing that one only follows advices when they resonate with one’s inner truth. In this Universal Intelligence present in each one of us I trust!

I am a licensed member of the acupuncture association NVTCG Zhong and Q.Health is affiliated to the umbrella association KAB. Your treatment will be (most probably partially) covered by most Dutch Health Insurance companies in case you have an additional alternative medicine package. Please check with the insurance company if your personal package covers acupuncture treatments. Click here for more information.

I attend to patients in English, Dutch, or Portuguese.


Intake & first treatment (80 min): € 87
Follow-up acupuncture treatment (50 min): € 67
Auricular acupuncture (40 min): € 55
Castor oil pack + acupuncture (60 min): € 90
Castor oil pack (50 min): € 55
Cupping (50 min): € 55
In regard to the Corona situation here some official measures:
  • The acupuncturist will use a mask and gloves if requested by the patient
  • The patient has to bring his/her own towel and thin, small cushion
  • Chairs and tables of the clinic will be desinfected
  • The treatment table will be covered, as usualy, with a disposable sheet

Appointments cancelled 24 hours before the treatment will be fully charged.​



Teresa Pinto

Prinsengracht 493A,
1016 HR  Amsterdam

Cell Phone:

+31 6 531 39 686



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